Case Studies

  • Name: Sarah Cull
  • Practice: Companion Care St. Helens
  • Pet’s Name: Tom
  • Age: Nine
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Product: Cani Flex Senior


“Tom was already on a joint supplement (Yumove working dog) and seemed ok, but after only 2 weeks on CANI FLEX SENIOR he is much more playful and comfortable – I would really like to keep him on it.”

  • Name: Peter Wright
  • Practice: Skeldale Vet Centre, Thirsk
  • Pet’s Name: Alfie
  • Age: Nine
  • Breed: Boxer
  • Product: Cani Flex Senior


“Lots of walks and games of football had taken their toll on nine year old Alfie’s joints. However, since feeding Cani’Flex Senior, Peter reports that Alfie is much happier and more comfortable, even after a strenuous game of football!”

  • Name: Lynne Virgo
  • Practice: Young Veterinary Partnership, Hounslow
  • Pet’s Name: Harvey
  • Age: Five and a half
  • Breed: Australian Shepherd
  • Product: Cani Skin


“After just a few days on CANI SKIN I had a dog that I could stroke without him tearing himself apart. His coat has lost that dull look and I now have a dog that actually enjoys being groomed, in fact he is generally more relaxed, happier and more settled in himself, and not always on the hunt for food!”

  • Name: Vicky Simon BVetMed MRCVS
  • Practice: Mark Elliott and Associates
  • Pet’s Name: Wilf
  • Age: 4-8 years old
  • Breed: Black & White DSH
  • Product: Feli Skin


"Wilf is my gorgeous cat, who I rescued about a year ago. When I got him he was recovering from a nasty accident, and was in a pretty poor state! I gave him a couple of months for him to heal, and over a period of three months, switched him onto a raw food diet with added salmon oil. His coat was still in a terrible state, with clumped fur, scurfy skin, and a dry matted appearance to the coat.

After six months we weren't making the progress that I would have liked, and Wilf needed brushing regularly to keep any condition to his skin and coat. At this point I came across FELI SKIN and started him on it straight away. One month later and his coat seemed to be showing some improvement, feeling less dry, slightly softer and there was less scurf on the skin. After two months Wilf had some shine back to his coat, minimal scurf and he was keeping on top of grooming himself. Three months later and he is doing great, with a lovely soft shiny coat that needs minimal grooming."

  • Name: Jodie Rollings RVN
  • Practice: Wye Valley Vets, Hereford
  • Pet’s Name: George
  • Age: One year and three months
  • Breed: Shih Tzu Cross
  • Product: Cani Skin


Within days, owner and VN Jodie had seen a difference in George. Now, having been on Natural VetCare Prescribed Cani Skin for 6 weeks, Jodie tells us how George’s skin is less dry, he has not been scratching or licking at his skin as much and has not been chewing or licking his paws as often, to the point where he has stopped chewing his feet altogether.

Jodie agreed Cani Skin helped calm George’s sensitive skin; it appears less irritated and red, the patchy areas are re-growing and his coat is glossier and shinier. Overall George has been more relaxed in his behaviour and generally much happier.

“I couldn’t believe the difference in George after being on Cani Skin a few days. He had stopped chewing his feet altogether.”

Jodie feels it has helped manage George’s skin overall, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cani Skin for other dogs with similar skin problems.

  • Name: Alison Leake RVN
  • Practice: Vine Tree Vets, Ross-On-Wye
  • Pet’s Name: Nellie
  • Age: 14 years
  • Breed: Border Terrier
  • Product: Cani Flex Senior


Nellie has been on Cani Flex Senior since August 2016 as she was showing signs of old age, including confusion, pacing and whining.

Her owner Alison is happy to report that since Nellie has been on Cani Flex Senior, those signs have reduced, and she is much more responsive to people and is happier to go for a walk and play with other dogs again. Cani Flex Senior has helped Nellie’s stiff joints and generally improved her quality of life.

“As an owner and a qualified vet nurse, I wouldn’t hesitate to prescribe Cani Flex Senior to other dogs with similar age-related issues. Nel has completely stopped staring into thin air and does not pace as much. She is back to her cheeky self!” ”