All the products are manufactured by us in the UK with a team of 150 people employed for their expertise, passion and commitment to animals and our products, and we are proud to be accredited with UFAS ( Universal Feed Assurance Scheme ) and ISO business standards.

ISO 9001 ensures that we have carefully regulated systems in place for the monitoring of quality control and administrative management.

UFAS accreditation gives quality assurance which reflects the high standards of ingredients and production methods used in the formulation of our products and ensures:

  • Guaranteed Good Manufacturing Practice in place.
  • Full traceability of ingredients, which are guaranteed dioxin, bacteria, fungi and pesticide free, within EU limits.
  • No cross contamination of ingredients.
  • No external contamination of ingredients.
  • Organic ingredients used at all times wherever possible. Guaranteed use of approved suppliers only.
  • Guaranteed HACCP plan (globally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which ensures first class quality control and uniformity of production.