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Golden Years

Old age brings with it a number of issues, and whilst stiff joints and a subsequent reluctance to go for a walk are common, there are other symptoms of old age which can affect all breeds.

The most common are decreased interaction and a reduction in activity/playing, but on occasion previously unseen behaviour including disorientation, loss of house trained habits and the inability to settle at night can also occur.

Natural VetCare Cani Flex Senior has been formulated with the overall health of the senior dog in mind - targeting joint, heart and brain health and encouraging increased activity, weight management and quality of life.

Containing similar joint-friendly nutrients as Cani Flex, the additional bespoke nutrient combination and additional antioxidant support in Cani Flex Senior has been shown to aid mental acuity and brain alertness through the power of Ginseng. Together with Carnatine for healthy heart function, the formula is uniquely equipped to meet the more complex needs of the older dog.

Cani Flex Senior is the gold standard of supplements for senior dogs. It contains a unique combination of nutrients, designed to work together synergistically to provide the absolute best support.

For any dog that needs or deserves a more complex approach as it gets older, look no further. Cani Flex Senior delivers gold standard support in the dog’s golden years.

Natural VetCare Prescribed Cani Flex Senior is available exclusively through vets - Contact us for details