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Finding the Golden Balance

Perhaps the most complex of issues facing vets and pet owners in today’s environment are those associated with skin.

We have devoted the last two years to the specific aim of understanding the causes of poor skin, so that we can develop an effective range of supplements that create a healthy internal environment to allow the skin to support itself from the inside out. What we have learned is that skin issues are highly complex and the answer is certainly not simple.

Natural VetCare Feli Skin is a highly complex formulation that targets the very root of the issue and provides the body with the support and nutrients it needs to return itself to its best possible health.

The formulation is designed to support the body by balancing the system, and has been developed by evaluating and re-evaluating how the components of our nutrient dense marine algae - Chlorella and Spirulina - work together. The results is an advanced nutraceutical which is set apart from other, more simple skin supplements.

The marine algae is multi functional and delivers high levels of antioxidant properties, naturally addressing the free radical build up that can occur in a compromised system. It is equally rich in the well recognised Omega Fatty Acids and is combined with other recognised antioxidants including Withania, for the end result of perfect skin health.

Well recognised targeted nutrients including Biotin, itself a key component of keratin structure, and Zinc, offer support for collagen formulation, which is important in growth and repair of tissue.

Specific ingredients are added to meet specific needs of cats, including the essential amino acid Taurine which is not synthesized by the body so must be added to the diet.

Natural VetCare Prescribed Feli Skin is available exclusively through vets - Contact us for details